Dog Days Of Summer

Summer is here & the heat is on.

Our clients are very concerned about keeping their pets cool and comfortable.  If you are having trouble removing the undercoat from those double coated breeds be sure to check out “Deshedding: Theory & Techniques” on DVD.  My techniques will not only save you time but will keep the hair from flying around your shop or grooming van as well as in your lungs.  These techniques will prove to you and your clients that shaving down these breeds is not always the answer.  Educating your clients is the first step.  In the theory portion of this session I will explain why it is important not to shave them as well as explain the shedding cycle.

In the end...

the client is always right so if they insist on shaving these breeds be sure to check out “Smooth Road To Shavedowns” on DVD which will help you get a smooth finish on your shavedowns.  I demonstrate shaving a double coat, a poodle coat and a spaniel coat.  Shaving dogs is not as easy as it seems.

Learn how to get rid of that corduroy look and how to achieve a smooth finish.

When temperatures are pushing the 90’s it is difficult to keep our shops and vans as cool as we would like so be sure to give the dogs a cooler bath.  Always be cautious with your dryers.  Dogs can overheat very easily.  Be safe this summer and keep our dogs safe as well.

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Have a great summer!