What people are saying about the book "Dog Grooming Simplified"…

The best grooming book that I ever read in my life! I’m so thankful to Jodi Murphy, for sharing her knowledge with us!
I got my Dog Grooming Simplified the other day. Very well put together and easier to comprehend than any other grooming instruction book I’ve ever owned. The real life k9 models & color coding concept was an awesome idea. This is going to be a great tool to use with my interns and apprentices. It’s about time someone put a book like this together! Thank you.
Hi Jodi, I Just got my book and I must tell you that it was so worth the wait. I believe this is going to become a must have book for all groomers. I am going to put it by my bed stand and I am going to read it from beginning to end. It is an outstanding book. Congratulations on your hard work to make our lives easier. Thank you
— Mirian
Love, love, LOVE the book!!! I can’t wait to have hours to get lost in it!! It’s the best in our industry and I know u worked hella hard to make it!! Hats off to u Jodi!! Ur amazing!
Just got your new book last week. WOW much more than I was expecting, Fabulous Fabulous !! Probably the best book in my collection of grooming books.
I feel like it’s Christmas! I got an amazing grooming book, Dog Grooming Simplified: Straight to the Point by Jodi Murphy. The pictures are absolutely beautiful, and it details ideal grooms with the ideal lengths. Thank you so much Jodi for writing and signing such an incredible book. I look forward to using it quite frequently. 🙂

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I just received your book. It’s a masterpiece and it should be in the hands of every pet groomer. It tops all other books available. Amazing job!
Wow! Sums it up. My copy of your book showed up this morning and I have read it all day between clients, at the gym, and at home. Can’t put it down and can’t say enough how wonderful it is and easy to understand. Bravo and Thank you! Hugs from Washington state.
Just wanted to say What a Fabulous job you did on your last book. !! I LOVE it. I must have 15 different books in my little collection. You know the basics …This one OMG THANK YOU.!!
Jodi, I HAVE MY BOOK!!!!!… OMG!!!…Where do I start. Your book is Awesome… Outstanding… Breathtaking!!… The Layout… The Information… The Pictures…WOW! This deserves recognition from the industry…Award. I LOVE IT!!!… Thank you for taking the interest and time to provide so many of us with such a helpful tool of the trade. I’m sure there were days of frustration, set backs, and sacrifices made along the way. However, you triumphed!!!… Well done… Great job!!!… I wish you all the success you so well deserve. Thank you again.
— Judy

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What people are saying about Jodi’s Instructional DVD Series…

I just have to send you another thank you for being such a wonderful teacher. I watched your Scottie video several times before doing my first-ever Scottie today. They owners were so impressed. They said they’ve been all over in the last two years and never found someone who didn’t Schnauzer him. They re-booked and took several of my cards to pass out to friends. Thanks again for sharing your talent with us.
I am a new mobile groomer and I have her mobile dvds and several others as well and I feel that they were the best. Easy to understand. Highly recommend. I had the opportunity to meet her in Hershey and she was so generous with her time and ready to answer your questions. I will be getting more. Jodi Murphy is worth every penny spent on her videos! The tips she gives are simple but yet make a big difference on the finish groom.
I just wanted to thank you for making your dvds. I have been grooming for awhile and a lot of cuts are still hard for me to do. Especially poodle topknots and bichon heads. I have a learning disability and memory and understanding has always been a challenge for me. Watching your videos makes it easy for me to understand and I don’t feel stupid for having to watch it a lot. Some groomers make me feel stupid and underneath them for asking for help. So I just want to thank you very much.
What does a groomer do on New Years’ Eve? Watch Jodi Murphy videos!! All I can say is that I can’t wait to get back to work so I can try out the stuff I learned from the suburban trim on the cocker!! I think I may watch the thinning shear one as the ball comes down!!
Love your work! Just watched my first video of yours a few weeks back ‘Before the Groom’. I am hooked and can not wait to learn more from you. I have been grooming for awhile but, just this past year have I really found my passion and desire to be the best that I can be. Thank you for being one of my inspirations 🙂
I got the “Start Smart” DVD along with the “tips” DVD. I will be using the “Start Smart” DVD to show to EACH bather I hire, as I hire them. It’s a perfect training tool—
I cannot begin to tell you how much I love your dvd’s (have your 2 free ones, Westies, Schnauzer, Maltese and Shih Tzu and next will be getting “Thinning Shears” dvd). Having recently graduated from a certified dog grooming school, your videos not only reinforce what I have been taught, but add a WEALTH of information to improve/develop my skills. You are an EXCELLENT teacher! Thank you for your clear, “simple” style … hope to consistently put your techniques to work for me! Would love to excel in my new profession.
I was basically a self taught groomer. After grooming for about 2 years i purchased your whole collection of dvds. They have been a TREMENDOUS help! I would just like to thank you for providing us the tools to improve as groomers. I appreciate you sharing your talent and years of grooming experience with us. I cant thank you enough.
— Andrea
Got my free Jodi Murphy DVD’s yesterday and I was happy I got them. If you are a new groomer, GET THEM.
I opened our shop 7 months ago and business is really taking off. This may sound silly to some but it works for me-when I know that I am going to get a certain breed in our shop the night before I study that DVD from Jodi, then while I groom, the DVD is in my head so I am able to flow through the groom with good results and my speed in grooming has improved by doing this-and for a fairly new groomer like me this has been my “edge” in learning this trade not to mention the satisfaction I get when the pet owner picks up their pet and loves the trim-and some of these are really difficult to groom for if you know what I mean?
Hi Jodi, I just ordered the Airedale pet trim and the cockapoo with Dandi Dinmont expression. I can’t wait until the other new dvds come out. I heard you on talk radio (petgroomer.com) it was great. Thank you so much for the educational dvds that you are doing or us groomers, thank you for giving back
Thank-you Jodi for your generous instructions on grooming. I am opening a mobile: Serenclipity Mobile Dog Grooming and I am :A Novice @ grooming. So with you I have gone through many fearful moments yet you have showed me a way through. I trust you and this is why I have decided to buy both mobile DVDs as I believe it will be generous in information. I am grateful to have found you. Thank-you and the operative word here is your generosity.
I’m sure you don’t remember me, but I wrote you a few months back about how you have inspired me to go for my NCMG certificate. Now I write to tell you that you have inspired me yet again. I am going mobile and just put a down payment on a very nice used Pet Pro from Wagntails. I also purchased your mobile grooming DVD series, which was most helpful. I can’t say enough about how wonderful I think you are. Not only for your grooming skills, but most importantly your passion to help others in your field grow and become as successful as you are. You are so very down to earth, and your explanations are so easy to understand to me it’s almost like magic Jodi, can I just say thank you again so very much. I don’t think I could really ever express how much you have changed my life.You truly are a wonderful person.

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Hi Jodi-I took a chance on your free dvd’s-I was VERY impressed with them–I am struggling to become a groomer-reason being after 31 years in a major furniture company in the product development area our entire department is being laid off from our jobs- I have always wanted to groom dogs (my passion)however I cannot go away to school because I have a handicapped. when I saw your first dvd-“Smart Start” it just seemed to “click” with me how to groom and make dogs look really well instead of like their coat was either shaved or chopped- Thanks for making these dvd’s- they have really helped me a lot
I got them on Monday! They are awesome. I learned so much from just the free ones (Smart Start and Finishing Tips and Techniques). And I’m so impressed with just the first 15 minutes of the Thinning Shears one. I now want to get them all.
They are the of the best quality and have awesome camera work. She explains what she’s doing on every step and doesn’t assume you already know it. She explains why she does what she does and tells you the consequences of not doing it that way, and for me, that helps me remember things better.
I know I have written several times about Jodi’s DVD’s but they are wonderful and I really have to say that I feel by studying them and applying what I have learned from them has really made a difference in the grooms that leave our shop. The people really like how their pets turn out and that helps me get more business and of course the more business we have the better living we can provide for our family.
These videos are worth every penny and are the best present I got for Christmas this year (had to buy them for myself though)
I own a large pet care facility. I have 5 groomers and 3 groomer assistants (some call them bathers). We strive to keep the same pet with the same groomer always (even if the owner may not know that or care) but sometimes the same groomer may not be able to groom their assigned dog. That is when salon consistency pays off and Jodi‘s videos come into play. I have her complete library. We have a TV/DVD in our finishing room. We watch her videos often. This helps us learn the same techniques so that the salon can produce very similar grooming styles and we can work as a team to build loyal clients. I have been grooming for over 20 years and have competed in groomteam sanctions events and have placed against some top competitors and I too get great benefit from these videos. They keep me sharp and motivated to keep my quality tip top. So even those of you who have been in this business as long as I have can gain knowledge and spark new energy into your daily work. I use the videos to help me train new groomers from with in our facility. Along with hands on instruction I just pop in the breed or trim type we are working on and they can groom along with the video. You can rewind and go back over things. If you keep or gain a client from the skills you will learn the video pays for itself.
I have spent more money on lesser quality dvds, both in production value and teaching technique. Not every good groomer can teach, but Jodi can. I can’t believe how affordable they are, either.
say thanks to Jodi and good job for helping new groomers like me be successful–and that is why I write about her DVD’s so if someone knows how they have helped me maybe it will help them as well.
Jodi has a rare talent of making it seem like you can do exactly what she is doing. I mean she makes it look easy. I have a bunch of different DVDs and hers are my favorite by a long shot!
I have ordered three different videos on how to groom my dogs (maltipoo and maltese) and still wasn’t sure if I could groom them myself. Well, I am here to tell you when you finish with the Jodi Murphy videos you will be eager and anxious to get started…I can not wait to start, but still need a few supplies after watching the “Before the Groom” video. I honestly can not believe how much I learned watching this video…(now remember I have already purchased and watched three grooming videos and had not seen the crucial part of how important it is in getting them ready before grooming ) This is truly the best and most detailed video I have ever seen(I have also watched all the videos online) …I also bought the puppy cut video (wow wow wow) and the two together has given me have the confidence I needed to groom both my two beautiful pets. Thank you Jodi for the wonderful videos…you are the BEST and my soon to be handsome Bandit and Bella sends their thanks as well.
— Star, Columbia, SC