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All You Need To Know To Groom Like A Professional Pet Stylist

Learn to become a professional pet groomer and/or improve your grooming skills!


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Love your work! Just watched my first video of yours a few weeks back ‘Before the Groom’. I am hooked and can not wait to learn more from you. I have been grooming for awhile but, just this past year have I really found my passion and desire to be the best that I can be. Thank you for being one of my inspirations.
— DVD Series Customer
The best grooming book that I ever read in my life! I’m so thankful to Jodi Murphy, for sharing her knowledge with us!
— Book Customer
I just received your book. It’s a masterpiece and it should be in the hands of every pet groomer. It tops all other books available. Amazing job!
— Book Customer
I was basically a self taught groomer. After grooming for about 2 years i purchased your whole collection of dvds. They have been a TREMENDOUS help! I would just like to thank you for providing us the tools to improve as groomers. I appreciate you sharing your talent and years of grooming experience with us. I cant thank you enough.
— Andrea

Jodi's Blog

Hi everyone. Thank you for visiting my blog! My goal is to help educate new groomers as well as help seasoned groomers perfect their skills. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience and help people perfect their skill.