Why Videos?

Videos are the ultimate learning tool. Used in conjunction with Jodi’s new book Dog Grooming Simplified, you will be able to see correct techniques that would be virtually indescribable in written text alone. Videos can be viewed over and over again. It is almost impossible to absorb all the information at one time. When reviewing videos you will find that you pick up things that you missed the first and second time around. Many people cannot afford to leave their families and businesses to attend educational trade shows. This video series is everything you will ever need to become a fabulous groomer.  Building a video library of your own is something you will always have to fall back on if you ever need it.

How did you learn how to groom?

I was taught the basics of grooming through a grooming shop. I started out as a bather and after one year of bathing I began learning to actually groom. After one year of grooming I decided to become a mobile groomer. I had three young children at the time and wanted the flexibility of having my own business. Due to the fact that I was now working alone with no one to help me with my skills I started to attend trade shows. I then realized how little I knew about grooming. I became extremely eager to learn more and more so I attended every seminar and watched every breed demonstration that I could possible go to. At this point I knew I found my calling. I started to compete in grooming competitions after I had only been grooming for two years. I realized that I needed to work with breeders and handlers to perfect my skill levels on the breeds that I was competing with. I spent almost every day that I was not working travelling for private lessons. I worked with some of the top handlers and breeders in the country. I learned the proper techniques as well as the correct profiles on the breeds that I was studying, I quickly became one of the top 4 pet stylists in the United States. Within three years I was ranked the number one pet stylist in the USA. Your drive and determination is the key factor to your success.

Can I learn to groom from your Book, Dog Grooming Simplified and Videos?

Absolutely! Depending upon your drive and determination viewing these videos in conjunction with my new book, Dog Grooming Simplified, will provide you with the knowledge you will need to become a professional groomer.  I always advise people to volunteer, if possible, with the local humane societies to help them get dogs ready for adoption. This is a great way to gain hands-on experience. Also, practicing on family, friends and rescue dogs are great ways to improve your skills and gain the confidence that is needed.

My Series of videos are used in countless grooming schools within the United States (including Puerto Rico), Canada and Australia as part of their curriculum.  The information in my videos includes every technique that you will ever need to know as well as several of the most common breeds.  Numerous people have learned to become groomers solely on viewing this series and have gone on to open up salons and have become very successful. The education that I am providing you with includes all the techniques and skills that I have acquired to become a National and International top groomer.  If you ever have any questions along the way I am always just an email away!

Do you offer any type of support if needed?

I always make myself available through email to help you through any questions or concerns you may have. If your questions cannot be answered via email, phone support is available. I am here to help you succeed.


Additional Questions?